OMG !! What a fantastic night last night … The reggae party we headed to was a little quiet so we had a chow there and sat around the camp fire and listened to a couple of the live bands that were performing but somehow on our first Friday night here in Ponta that wasn’t enough .. hehe

So we hit one of the local bars Neptune’s and had an absolute legend of a night , singing , dancing and just had such a great night relaxing with everyone after a hard weeks work and it was interesting to see how some of us came out of our shells haha but that’s all we shall say about that !! 

This morning we all had a bit of a well deserved lie in and just parked off in the living room watching a movie for the most part of the morning before a couple of us decided to head into town and check out the local markets to pick up some of the local nik naks and souvenirs that they have to offer and to try out some of our bartering skills .

P1090872 P1090878
Around lunch time we headed back to Grant’s place to grab some lunch and carry on our chill session and meet back up with the others that didn’t feel up to heading into town . The early part of the afternoon we sat down with Joao who was going to teach us some of the local techniques of painting on small canvases .

P1090881 P1090884

He gave each of us a small rectangular canvas that already had a design drawn out on it for us to go over and make our own . In front of us was a small bowl of melted down wax , we were then each handed a small paint brush and told to draw on the canvas where we didn’t want the colour to go . So we each made our own design and then dipped our canvases in the pot of dye and waited for it to dry.

P1090885 P1090890 P1090891
The wax takes about 30 minutes or so to dry so we waited to see the end result  . Once it had dried we got to see just how this technique works and it looks incredible !! It’s amazing to see jus how creative you can be with some canvas , dye and some wax .. they came out really well .

All that is left now is to add a few more colours to our paintings and they will be done but we didn’t have a lot of time left today to get them finished and the sun was going down so we will finish them later in the week .

We still had a little time left before dinner so once again a few of us headed into town to do some more bartering and pick up some pieces that we had seen earlier … this is where we got to see Callahan’s bartering technique hahahaha .. he is amazing at it ! It even got to the point where some of the clothes he was wearing were going to be part of the deal ! This lad is incredible lol most of the things he even got for almost half price and still managed to keep his clothes .

For the evening we headed into town to a little bar/restaurant called Lulu’s where we had this delicious spread of traditional Portuguese dishes .. wow it was soooo good and the dishes kept coming and coming . It got to a point where we didn’t think we where going to be able to stop eating haha but it definitely sorted us all out after last night and was nice to see how different their meals are to ours back home .

P1090896 P1090892
On the way back home we stopped off at the Macado again to pick up some munchies as we decided to have a chilled movie night tonight and have an early night to catch up on some zzz’s ready for our first Dolphin swim and being on a boat not feeling lekker ( good ) will not bode well for us haha . Most of us even past out within 15 minutes of the movie being on haha so it was time to hit the sack and dream of a great mornings viewing tomorrow … so keep posted !! :p


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