Ahhh Sunday morning and we all wake up fresh as daisies after our super chilled night last night , what a great decision that was . Our dolphin swim wasn’t until 8:30am so we also got to have a bit of a lie in also which is how a Sunday should be .

Sometimes the boat ride can be a little bumpy and rough so Ben suggested not to eat anything and just have a little something to drink before we head out on the ocean as it can help stop sea sickness so we take on board his advice just incase.

P1090898 P1090899
It’s a beautiful morning here and the weather conditions are perfect so we have our fingers crossed for a good mornings viewing . We pull up at the Dolphin Centre around 8:20 and sit down for our briefing on the do’s and don’ts while we our out on our trip , we then get fitted for our fins and snorkelling masks and wait for the last group to come back in so we can get a lift to the beach .

P1090900 P1090903

We heard the last group saw a pod of about 30-40 Dolphins but they were heading north up past Ponta Malongane which is the furthest point at which the boats can go but luckily T.L Ben knows the skipper very well and he has said he will take us further up to the next point on the coast so we can try and see them … Awesome :p – he is handy for some things haha !

P1090904 P1090906

As we pull up at the beach we walk down to the ocean where the boat is lying , Lea our guide grabs all of the things we want to keep dry and places them in the storage on the boat . We then have to get this thing into the water so we all place ourselves evenly around the boat and push/pull until the boat s facing the ocean .

P1090907 P1090908 P1090909

Then we had the task of pushing/pulling it into the ocean deep enough so that the motors would start and not catch on the sand . Once we got half way in the girls jumped on then slightly after followed by the boys once the boat was deep enough . Finally we were all on and heading out over the shore breaks past back line where we will be starting our journey up the coast to find these Dolphins !

Luckily the ocean today is quite calm so it is a perfect trip up the coast with beautiful views .. we reach the point where they saw them this morning but alas still no Dolphins .. BUT WAIT .. WHATS THAT !! OMG from the side of the boat Sasha our skipper spotted a huge MANTA RAY !! this thing was massive and soo graceful in the water and were told how rare this actually is !!

reach out 01.1

We get our gear on as quick as possible and are told to enter the water quietly so as to not scare it off .. but Sid decides to scuba roll off the back of the boat making a huge splash so by the time the rest of us got into the water he had already swam off .. such a shame but what a great sighting nonetheless !! 

Everyone gets back on the boat and we continue our trip up the coast unfortunately we reach the point where we can’t go any further so on the way back we were told we are taking a deeper line to see if we can catch anything further out to see .. and surprisingly we are all still feeling fine with no green faces lol

P1090916 P1090911

It seems as though we weren’t going to see the Dolphins this morning but we see another boat ahead which seems to be interested in something swimming close to where the waves break as we look closer what do we see … DOLPHINS , a pod of about 20 of them  . We follow them back up the coast a little bit and even see a baby Dolphin jumping ahead of the group , soo cute .

Unfortunately these Dolphins seem to be travelling with some signs of mating towards the back of the pod and during this behaviour we aren’t allowed to enter the water with them unless they show some signs of social behaviour . It was great to see them though and we still have one swim left later in the week to try and get into the water with them so all is not lost .

On the way back we stopped off at a little reef so we could all get in and do some snorkelling to see what we could find .. we had some good times in the water messing around and diving down playing with our go-pro getting some great shots with the now .. BUTT CAM thanks to Ben haha .

P1090923 P1090925

But alas it was time to head off and back to shore , what a great way it has been to start off our Sunday morning and the day isn’t finished yet !! We head into town to our local lunch haunt the Coconut Can for some Chicken Burgers and chips before making our way back to Grant’s to get changed and freshen up ready for our .. QUAD BIKE BOOZE CRUIISE 🙂

P1090926 P1090927

Arriving at the place we get to see first hand the bikes we will be using and they are all Kawasaki KFX 700’s , some awesome and powerful quads … this is definitely going to be one hell of a trip hehe . We got given our briefing our briefing by J who showed us how to work the quads and behave on them whilst we are on our trip .


Finally it was time to hop on , rev up and tear up the sand roads !! We began by riding through the Town to our first stop which was a little bar just outside of the Macado where we had our first drink , we then headed off up the coast along the winding bumpy sand roads where we really got to open up the quads a little and have some fun fish-tailing and wheel spinning !!  Some of us even got stuck along the way in deep sand and was soo funny watching people trying to get out haha

P1090931 P1090934 P1090940

This was such an awesome way to spend the afternoon and the views along the way were incredible .. one of the great things about these roads is that there are always little off short off roads that meet up with the main road again so we got choose which way we all went . Our next stop was at this gorgeous little bar that overlooked the beach and coast and was a perfect op for a group photo .

P1090938 P1090939DSCN0173

We were now entering Ponta Malongane which is the next stop up the coast and the kids were loving us driving past and were giving us high fives with some even chasing us down the road haha . Our last stop was Sunset Cafe which overlooks a beautiful lake that is inhabited by Crocodiles and Hippos so we stopped off here and tried some local bites as a snack .. Rissois , made with prawns and mash potato .. amazing !

P1090941 P1090945 P1090943

It was such a beautiful sunset with another great photo op in one of the trees before heading off before darkness set in . On the way back dusk had started to set in so we turned our lights on and this time we really got to see what these bikes could do with J letting us open up the throttle and give it all we had .. jassis we had soo much fun !!

P1090947 P1090948IMG_5918reach out

By the time we reached home it was dark and we sat down for a delicious roast chicken and mash dinner made by Thenji , filled our stomachs and sat down to watch some of the footage we had taken today .. although we didn’t last long as most of us past out in the sofas and chairs in the lounge .