So today we awoke at six am, bright eyed and bushy tailed, for our first dolphin dive experience in Mozambique! Once we arrived at Dolphin Encounters we were fitted for our flippers, given a debriefing on safety and technique, and told how to interact with the dolphins. We then drove down to the beach, pushed our boat into the water and we were off to find some dolphins!

Dolphin Encounters doesn’t use food to lure the wildlife to us so it was all up to finding them. We found several pods of dolphins but whenever we got in the water, they would scatter. Our volunteers followed the procedure to the t, but our nerves and excitement were said to scare them away so we never got that close to them before they swam away.

We then drove the boat to a coral reef where we were able to dive down and see the thousands of species that live on the sea floor. Just a few of the species we witnessed were sea turtles, manta rays, and a moorish idol, (Gil from Finding Nemo)!

Once we were done with the Dolphins at about nine, we headed to the school for our volunteer work! Today our job was to pour dirt and lay cement and level it to make the floor of the teacher’s room. It took many hours and many bags of concrete but we managed to create the floor! I CANTcrete believe how far we’ve gotten!!


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