Dolphins and quadbikes

Hello bloggers, sorry for the lack of blog the WiFi is onghe Friz so this is coming from my phone.

Dolphins were on the mind yesterday morning. The entire group went on the dolphin dive in the morning, and they had a blast! They headed out on the boat, where the waves were behaving so it was perfect conditions to see dolphins. They saw the first pod of dolphins so they jumped in, it appeared that the dolphins were resting, but try soon woke up and began to circle in and out of the group. As the pod moved on so did the volunteers and they found another pod pretty quickly. This pod contained a baby dolphin and also one cheeky dolphin took a gift in front of Bryce!

Once this pod moved so as they hunted another one down they jumped in over a shallow reef and came across a loggerhead turtle whilst snorkelling. On the way back the sudden stop on the beach gave a big bump and Susan almost fell off.

We spent our lunch break at markets and relaxing in preparation for a full afternoon of work. At the worksite, we managed to level the inside floor with sand! And today the work continued by mixing cement and placing of the flatted sand to make the floor. We are about done with the foundations and we are ready to start the walls tomorrow.

However today we also did quad biking. Edrybody loved this, going overghe sand dunes on these bikes. I was by far the most embarrassing of the day by crashing into a tree within 5 mins and then when we came across a driving range (golf), I ended up flinging my club down the hill instead of the ball!

It has been an awesome 2 days and spirits are high going into our last 3 days