Donation giving day!

Whats up ya’ll! Today we hustled hard, mixing heaps of cement to plaster the walls and fill in all the cracks and holes. We spent many hours caked in cement, slapping it onto the walls, whilst jamming out to good tunes on the bluetooth speaker. Tomorrow we have another coat of cement to do, so lets hope for sunshine and no rain!

Some of the volunteers had the chance to visit the secondary school today. A couple of them brought donated items such as books, paper, booklets, pens, pencil crayons, toys, and even some clothing. They were able to go along with one of the local secondary school teachers this morning to meet the children and hand out these items. The kids were so excited, and so incredibly appreciative of the donations. The pictures below speak for themselves! Later this evening I received a ‘Thank you’ email from one of the teachers. It’s such a heart warming note that I had to share it with you below in the photos…Don’t miss it!

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