Gone fishin n dolphin swimmin

Today was jam packed full of exciting activities for the volunteers! Some went out on a deep sea fishing trip, while others did a dolphin swim. Both were such a blast! We got to swim up close and personal with two of the resident dolphins here in Ponta Du Ouro. After that incredible experience, we were brought over to a near by coral reef to snorkel a bit and check out the fish. We ended up seeing a sea turtle! It is so cool to swim so closely with these amazing wild sea creatures.
The group of fishers weren’t so lucky to catch a tonne of fish, but they were able to real in a couple pretty red snapper! In the afternoon, everyone headed to the beach to lounge around before dinner.

Boy oh boy was dinner a treat! We were served a fresh fish Braii, complete with French fries and a salad. We all ate together, listened to music and enjoyed each others company. We also had 4 new arrivals today from Australia! Sophie Tayla Hayley and Caitlyn will all be joining us for our last week in Mozambique! They are fitting in quite nicely with the group, and are loving the beautiful weather here


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