Home stretch

Hello everyone, once again blogging from my phone here in Mozambique.

Here we are just a few days left, but the work continues on. In the morning we finished off the floor of the clinic and started on the walls. As you may or may not know the volunteers are now expert mixers, so its second nature. But it was great to see the foundations done!

We also had a bit of a road trip to pick up the cement block, which was a bumpy ride and gave us a few scared when we almost got stuck.

In the middle of the day several people headed to the beach. And you know what Sam isn’t allowed to go to the beach anymore, because he sustained a cut when he was mucking around in a rockpool (relax it was just a graze).

As the sun came down this evening everyone’s eyes are growing heavy and I imagine it will be an early night as we have a dolphin dive nice and early tomorrow.