It’s all comin up roses!

Work Work Work Work Work, thats what we did all day long! We split the group in two today since there were less jobs, and fewer tools available. One group spent the morning checking out the markets and enjoying the beach, while the other group mixed heaps of cement to build up two rows of cement bricks to form the foundation of the building. At lunch time, both groups met up for lunch at the school where we had some delicious Portuguese sandwiches. The groups then traded places, giving the morning group a chance to swim in the ocean, while the other continued working on leveling out the floor with rubble, and putting up cross beams for the ceiling and roof. Things are really starting to come together on this project, and we’re only on day two! The children at the school have been keeping tabs on us and our work flow. They are adorable and were able to communicate with them with some basic Portuguese phrases.

Tomorrow is the first dolphin swim!! Keep an eye out for photos 🙂


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