Before we begin this blog we must apologise as there are a couple of name changes lol .. we have no idea who Andrea is .. she has been replaced by Anthea and Anthony shall now be known as Callahan … so we are now Anthea , Callahan , Nicole , Quinci and Ell ( Ellouise ) . Now that we have that in order …

After a fairly early night last night as we were all shattered from the flights we awaken to a beautiful morning in Africa .. gorgeous blue skies and a warming sun , a perfect way to begin our adventure . We start off with a light breakfast ready for the day ahead .

The plan this morning is to load up the vehicle and take a quick tour of the local Wetland park Isimangaliso which is now a World Heritage sight and one of the largest parks in Africa with an abundance of wildlife , bird and plant species so we are to catch a few of the native animals in their natural habitat before we make our journey up the coast to Mozambique .

P1090494 P1090496 P1090502

Once we had got ourselves organised and picked up a few supplies in town we boarded our vehicle and made our way into the park and let us tell you it did not disappoint !! A few hundred metres into the park we saw Zebra , Bushbuck , Waterbuck and Red Duiker ( antelope species ) , Warthog , Vervet and Samango monkeys , Buffalo and Kudu . It was such a beautiful drive around the reserve and we even stopped off at one of the local watering holes to find Nile Crocodiles and Hippos J .

P1090517 P1090518

Then as we were driving along we hear Jono from the front of the vehicle call out … RHINO !!! No way .. could it really be ??!! YEEESSSS .. we took the next road left and parking under a few of the trees were 4 .. yes 4 WHITE RHINO !!

P1090526 P1090531 P1090544   P1090549

Wow these animals are magnificent and to be able to see them roaming around free was absolutely incredible , just their size and presence was breathtaking enough ! And what with all the Rhino poaching that has been going on lately and is such a huge problem here in Africa at the moment we are soo glad we had the opportunity to see them on our trip .. WHAT A TREAT !!

In very high spirits we continued through the park keeping our eyes peeled out of the windows to see if we could spot anything else that may be lurking in the bushes . We headed towards the end of the park down to a place called Cape Vidal which is a gorgeous little beach spot where we got the chance to stretch our legs and head down on to the beach to relax a little before lunch with some of us even donning our swimwear and taking a cooling dip in the luke warm waters of the Indian Ocean .. soo refreshing .

P1090541 P1090543

But time was pressing on and we still had a fairly long drive ahead of us up the coast towards Mozambique so again we got settled and began the 3 hour or so drive up to the border .. this gave us all a chance to put our heads down for a little and catch up on a few zzz’s . We stopped once for a quick bite to eat but made the border in good time and reached the border post about 4pm just before it closed meaning we had made the most of our day J .

P1090558 P1090560

With passports stamped and bags reloaded on the 4×4’s we met our other guides and hosts for the next 2 weeks Sean and Grant ( Who’s home we will be staying at during our stay ) and began teh short 5/6 km journey along the winding sand roads to our destination point Ponta D’ouro which means Point Of Gold .. this sounds like it’s going to be magical .

As if we thought the landscapes couldn’t get any more beautiful we were proved wrong once again … and being able to watch the sunset over the sand dunes was truly breathtaking . Before we hit the local town we made a quick stop at the school where we will be working the next two weeks and it was hard to believe how they get by with such basic facilities but hopefully our hard work will be able to change that a little bit J .

Darkness fell we had a quick tour around the local town before finally arriving at our destination point which was a very homely little guesthouse run by Grant , we were made to feel right at home . We got settled into our rooms with Callahan sharing with T.L Ben , Nicole , Quinci and Ell sharing a room and Anthea taking her own double room as she will be here for a whole month – lucky girl !!

P1090561 P1090562

It has been a long day so we decided to chill on the front porch in the comfy beanbag sofas and chairs while being taught some of Ben’s VERY stupid games haha .. well not stupid but just thought provoking and “ out of the box thinking “ but funny and entertaining all the same haha .

P1090565 P1090564

From the garden we could smell dinner .. a local Braai ( Barbeque ) was being cooked up and WOW .. we sat down to dinner all together for the first time and were treated to a feast with a few of the local dishes , such a fantastic way to begin our adventure and fill us up with energy ready for our first day at the school tomorrow .


A great day was had by all and now with full stomachs and warm hearts we definitely need some time to chill and relax and prepare for what lies ahead of us tomorrow .. hopefully more surprises :p !! So we shall bid you all good night and leave you to wait for more news from us tomorrow ……