Just a hop, skip and a jump away

Mozambique here we come!!! After our night drive last night, we were beat and ready for bed. The after party at Forest Lodge was one to talk about, but some of us were just too tired to participate. They had a blast staying up and playing games though. Breakfast this morning was just what everyone needed. Busi made us made to order eggs, so everyone got just what they wanted! That with toast, bacon, mushrooms and juice set us up right for the whole day. We love good breakfasts!!

We weren’t expected in Mozambique until later this evening, so we planned to take a trip up to Cape Vital. It’s only about a 45 minute drive from St. Lucia, but it’s right through a game park named Simangaliso. Often times, you can see lots of game, beautiful lookout points until you finally hit the beach at Cape Vital.DSCN1341

As we drove, we saw all kinds of cool things! We saw a rhino grazing, kudu, zebras, and wildebeest. We also saw a hippo way out in the grass eating, which is something very unusual. We’ve seen four hippos up close in two days!!

We stopped along the way at a lookout point where you could see out for miles across a lake. It was funny because walking up to the lookout point, there were about five different types of animal tracks imbedded into the cement. We could see hippo, leopard, nyala and porcupine tracks along the path. Didn’t they know not to walk on the cement pathway that was drying at night? Sheesh! Once there, you could see hippos and crocodiles in the distance and it was an amazing view. We could also see how far the reserve spanned and how open the areas are out here. It’s so refreshing without huge cities and houses stacked on each other. You can see so far and not see a single city. We love how different it is here.DSCN1333

"Make a weird face"

“Make a weird face”

My heros!!

My heros!!



DSCN1343 DSCN1345

When we got to Cape Vital, we immediately saw mango monkeys. They are indigenous to the area, but are still very rare to see them! Apparently they are very cheeky monkeys, so we had to warn everyone to keep their snacks to themselves. It’s hard because they’re so cute though!! The beach itself is gorgeous. It goes forever and the water is crystal blue. There is, however, barnacled coral along the shallows, so swimming is a bit treacherous. It also wasn’t the warmest day today, so instead we admired the scenery and put our feet in the water for awhile.DSCN1353 DSCN1354 DSCN1355

After that, we went back to St. Lucia to collect our belongings and make our way to Mozambique! It was about a three-hour drive. For the first hour, we played a road trip game, but everyone seemed a bit tired, so we all took a snooze along the way. Therefore, the whole drive was pretty uneventful. We got through the border without any issues, and as soon as we crossed, we knew we were in a completely different place. Gone were the paved roads and cities. Sandy beach roads and hardly any signs replaced them. Even though it’s only a couple hours away, it is a different world! Since it was dark when we arrived, our tour of town will have to wait, but it looks absolutely amazing!!DSCN1356 DSCN1357

Sean, our program guide, welcomed us with a braai and some scrumptious food, hot showers, the most comfortable hammock in the world and an awesome house! We are so so soooo excited to stay here for the next week or two. Anthea is also here for another two weeks, and we can’t wait to get to know her better! She had a very relaxing and fun weekend up here with the locals.DSCN1358

Tomorrow’s adventures begin with tours and work at the school. We will meet the kids and hopefully finish all the work that the groups have started over the past few seasons. Woo hoo!!! Again, feel free to comment and follow along!

See you tomorrow!

African Princess Tara 🙂 🙂