King Lou and the Organic Crew

Werk I say! Man, these guys are so motivated!! I can’t even explain how proud of everyone I am today at how hard they all worked. It was like they all had a pump up song in their heads all day making them keep going. All the work definitely paid off too because they completed the most we’ve done all week.

Because we’ve had a lot of plastering to finish before we could go any further with the finished product, we finally completed the plastering and could get so much more done. First off, we loaded piles of roofing materials into the trailer and brought it to the school. Right away, Anthea, Ricky and Chris were off helping the builders install the roof. Ricky jumped up there immediately, eager to help up top and nailed the sheets into place. Chris was also quick to climb up and assisted with the maneuvering and placing the sheets in the right position. The builders were certainly grateful for their help because it was a big job to complete. This took the majority of the morning, and in no time, they finished the whole roof!DSCN1742 DSCN1745 DSCN1750

Nailed it

Nailed it

DSCN1755 DSCN1761

I am the king!

I am the king!

The kids brought them a little present this morning while they were fast at work as well. It was a little King Fisher that is injured. Its poor little wing is damaged, and the kids brought it to us because they thought we could help it. Of course, Anthea’s motherly instincts kicked in right away and she took it under her wing (see what I did there??). She cared for it all day; it never left her side. She even named it. His name is Lou. He was the inspiration for our team name that we finally came up with too! We are now King Lou and the Organic Crew!DSCN1768 DSCN1767 DSCN1780 DSCN1779

We had lunch at a local place called the coconut can where we enjoyed some delicious burgers and chips. It was some comfort food for the long workday. After lunch, they jumped right back into the work and went straight through until 3:30. We even had a little treat after lunch with some banana hot dogs and pineapple. A banana hot dog is like a swiss roll with a banana inside. Soooo good!!

Throughout the afternoon, Anthea set up all the back of the toilets to prepare for the plumbing installation while Chris and Ricky actually put one of them in. Chris also helped Anthea set some up near the end. Gotta love that teamwork right? Now that all of them are set up and ready, we just need to put three more in place. Then come the tubes, and we’ll be all set!!DSCN1764 DSCN1765 DSCN1782

Last but not least, we painted a whole lot this afternoon. The whole building needs painting, so it’s not an ugly drab grey square. We started on the inside and painted all of it an off white. Unfortunately, we had to paint over the goofy faces, but we can still see the outlines, so we’ll just spend a little time redoing them this week. It won’t take long at all! The painting portion took us all the way until the end of the day, but it looks so great inside! I can’t believe how much they got done today. I seriously can’t say that enough. I’m like a proud mama!DSCN1774 DSCN1776 DSCN1777 DSCN1783

This evening, Ben, the other Africa team leader came back up to hang out with us and help finish all the work this week. We were all so excited to see him again! He’s a right goofball, and we all get along so well. It’s going to be a fun week; we can already tell. Tonight, we hit the town for some food, live music, cultural experiences and more beach walks. It should be a great time! Tomorrow is our free day, and I’m sure we’ll find something outrageously enjoyable to do! Here’s a little funny picture for your entertainment. This is Jono, aka Sid. He’s so weird. DSCN1786

Until then!

Team Leader Taraaaaa