Last day on the worksite!! WHAT!?!

Time has just FLOWN BY! I cannot believe we are already on the last day of the program here in Mozambique! Today was an incredible day. It started off a little slow and dismal, with a bout of rain coming down on us just as we began our second coat of cement on the exterior of the building. But a little rain didn’t stop these volunteers. They continued working in the rain, mixing cement, getting it on those walls and smoothing it all over. Again, we had some assistance from a couple local boys. One in particular who has been helping us out almost every day, we’ve named him Wilson since we can’t pronounce his real name.

After lunch, we finished up the cement walls on the interior, and then started mixing a limestone mix to paint on the outside walls. We were pressed for time since the chief of the community, the principal of the school, and the teachers who will be living in the house – were all on their way over for the hand over ceremony at 4 PM…It was a bit of a scramble to get everything finished and cleaned up, but we did it!! We took a tonne of great photos with the whole group, and then handed over the keys to the two male teachers who will be living on one side of the house, and the two female teachers (and soon to be baby!) on the other side of the house. It was a little emotional as we all shook their hands and they thanked us for our hard work. I definitely got a little choked up at the end!

I cannot tell you how proud I am of this amazing group of volunteers. We literally just built an ENTIRE HOUSE from the ground up, in a whopping 7 days! We accomplished exactly what we set out to do here in this community, and now, because of each of the amazing people who chose to spend their holiday working here in Ponta Do Ouro – 4 teachers will have a place to call home while spreading knowledge to their communities children.

Tomorrow we head accross the border back to South Africa, and Saturday almost everyone flies home! Except for the 6 continuing on to the South African Orphanage and Game Park Program! Be sure to give your volunteer a big ol hug and pat on the back when they get home!

Thanks for reading!


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