Let the adventure begin! 10th Dec 2018

Hey everyone!

Last Friday we said goodbye to the majority of our group as they left to head home. Saturday and Sunday were chill days for us, which involved drives to the beach, walking to the markets and eating the most amazing pineapples! We drove to Kosi bay on Sunday and settled into our accomodation. After thatwe were treated to a Tonga cultural experience, where we weaved our own bracelets using palm leaves and tasted locally caught and prepared fish (much to Keira’s distaste). Yum!

Learning how to weave bracelets

The local fish prepared for us

Due to it being the weekend we were not able to watch Zulu dancers perform, so Becky our fantastic team leader stepped up and performed for us! Not long into his dance he was joined by Elyse for a white girl meets Zulu remix!

Today (monday) we woke up to gloomy wet weather however it didn’t dampen our spirits and we jumped in the Jeep to head to Kosi mouth. We first stopped off at a lookout location to get a full view of the four lake system and the local Tonga fish traps that have been used for 400 years.

The group checking out the fish traps at the lookout

We then headed to the mouth were we snorkeled in the shallow reef and viewed a beautiful array of fish (don’t worry we didn’t eat any!)

Just before we all went snorkeling at Kosi Mouth!

Keira, Elyse and Sophie enjoying the water

Just as we finished up the rain began pouring and we headed back to the campsite where we shared a hot shower and caught some well need afternoon zz’s. Stay updated for our upcoming adventures as we leave for Mozambique tomorrow!

Love the Mozambique Muppets!!!
– Sophie, Keira, Elyse, Emily, Jiahong and Elliot