Life is not a beach

Free day!! Because we have done so much this week, we all decided to have a little free day where we got to do whatever our hearts desired. We got a bit of a sleep in and woke up for breakfast at a lovely 9am. All of us were so cheery and awake, and we planned out our day. We had a couple errands to run but then we went straight to the beach!


The wind was a nice gust today, but despite that, it was perfect weather for kite flying. Ricky unwound his little colorful kite he got in St. Lucia, while Sid and Chris went down the beach to fly Sid’s kite. It took Ricky a little bit to untangle, but then he had it flying. Pretty soon, though, his kite crashed and burned and was forever tangled again. He sat there for ages trying to undo it. When Anthea and I asked how it was going, he gave us a frustrated, goofy glare. I have a perfect series of pictures for you about that.

DSCN1790 DSCN1791 DSCN1792 DSCN1799

Chris did really well flying Sid’s kite! It was a little parachute one that I think was a bit more industrial than Ricky’s. He got the hang of it right away and was flying high like a pro!

DSCN1800 DSCN1797

There were a couple of guys there with some massive kites that were amazing. Sid being friendly Sid, asked if he could try it out. It was so powerful that you needed someone behind you to make sure you didn’t fly away. Ricky got a chance to try it too, and they both got really into it. They spent the majority of the day doing that.

Anthea, Chris and I sat on the beach talking and enjoying the scenery. It was nice and relaxing and was great to be on the beach for the day. We even made a friend! His name was Bullseye, and he was a friendly dog. I think he took a liking to Chris and I because before long, he was trying to lay ontop of us.DSCN1803



Then he tried to sit on me

Then he tried to sit on me

DSCN1811 DSCN1819 DSCN1820

We grabbed some grub at the coconut can again and took the sandwiches home. There, we ate and lounged around for the remainder of the day. We had some hottub time and some movie time. It was much needed after all that hard work this past week. Plus, we needed to prepare for all the hard work to come this week too. Now, we’re completely refreshed and ready to start again tomorrow!DSCN1821

What topped the whole day off was our evening meal. Sean spent all afternoon cooking for us and he made the most spectacular spread. We had a Sunday roast full of roast chicken, roast pork, potatoes, carrots and gravy. Oh my, was it tasty! We were so excited to eat that we forgot to take a picture of it beforehand. Oopsie! Luckily, I managed to get one of the finished product; the polished chickens. It was the tastiest meal we’ve had here, hands down. We so appreciate Sean’s effort yesterday to make the meal special. It was a beautiful display and a delicious spread. What a way to end the day!!DSCN1822 DSCN1824

Tomorrow we are certainly ready to get back into the building project and finish it!!

Until tomorrow,

Team Leader Tara