Magnificent Mozambique

Moz_schoolOur volunteers were also involved in a large school clean up as there are no incinerators or rubbish disposal units within the school grounds. This was a great opportunity to reinforce clean and healthy messages with the student population. Additional time was spent re-weathering and painting the  teachers’ house and replacing a few of the damaged classroom walls.



Our new project commenced and this will continue through to the end of the year – constructing additional classrooms to allow for the reduction of class sizes, currently at 30 – 40 students per class.


Below is a classroom refurbished by previous volunteers. You can tell by the handprint pattern on the walls! it is so much brighter and pleasant as a learning environment than the dark place it was previously.


The food in Mozambique shows a distinct Portuguese influence with Peri-peri chicken being one of the favourite meals. For those that like it hot, Mozambique is the place to be. Let’s make a booking!