Mozambique Here We Come :p !

So after some long flights we have finally all made it to South Africa ready for our Mozambican experience . The first few of us landed in Richards Bay and met one of our helpers Jono who took us around Richards Bay for the day while we waited for our last group member who was arriving at 6pm . We got to see the local town , visited the beach and was for some nice chow ( something to eat ) a nice way to begin our trip 

We met our last group member Anthony ( Ant ) and made our way to a place called St Lucia where we will be bedding down for the night before our short trip up the coast to Mozambique to tomorrow morning . In St Lucia we met our Team Leader for the next 2 weeks Ben who is originally from England so we also have a good mix of people , American , Australian , English and South African .

We only have a small group , only 5 of us ( Nicole , Ellouise , Quinci , Andrea and Anthony which made it easier to get to know each other on the bus ride there and we all got on really well so the next 2 weeks is definitely going to be very fun !! We are all sooo excited to get started so to recoup from the long flights we are all going to have an early night tonight so we are all ready and fresh for the morning .

This is just a quick little message to our friends and family back home to let you know we arrived safely and that we are in good hands and will keep you updated everyday so you can all see what we are getting up to and the progress we make at the primary school each day which is where we will be doing most of our work renovating and upgrading the facilities for the local children to use .

Apparently there are approx 900 children in the small town but because of the facilities available to them only half of them can attend school in the morning with the other half attending in the afternoon so with all of our hard work and effort our aim is to try and help them achieve a better education and for them to be able to spend more time actually at the school 

But for now we shall good night and please keep following us for the next couple of weeks so you can live the experience with us 
T.L Ben :p