Now for the pictures..

Mmmm we kept you a bit in suspense with the pictures , had internet problems trying to offload it , so here is yesterday`s pics….

DSC01930 DSC01927 DSC01903 DSC01894 DSC01893 DSC01886 DSC01875 DSC01868 DSC01864 DSC01860 10685202_10202988110166288_1995868233_n 10859347_10202988062325092_1291200883_n 10846852_10202988061725077_464164119_n DSC01834 DSC01774 DSC01755 DSC01754 DSC01752 DSC01744 DSC01774 DSC01875 10863745_10203539213097253_1391253543_n



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