One crazy awesome amazing adventure!!

Holy moly what an epic epic day!! It was an adventure of a lifetime today, and we did so so so much!!

Our alarms sounded very early this morning at 5am. I know, it sounds early and miserable, but it definitely wasn’t. We were so pumped for the day because we had a ton of fun things planned. We took off at 5:45, and arrived at the dolphin center. That’s righttt the dolphin center!! Angie, the woman who owns the dolphin interaction, has lived in Ponta since 1998. She came here originally to do research on the wild dolphins in the area and ended up staying and setting up the center. Her research provided her with a lot of time to study the dolphins up close and eventually, they became used to her and began to interact with her. Over the years, all the young calves and the pods saw her a lot and now they interact with the groups she brings out into the water too! After our induction, we hopped on the boat and went out to sea!

It was quite rough out on the water, but it was definitely a thrill going over all the waves. We quickly spotted the pod swimming along, and we got so excited!! We pulled the boat around so that they were headed directly towards us, and jumped into the water. Soon, the dolphins were right below us and swam straight underneath us. Because the waves were a bit rough, we swam back to the boat, but it was the most incredible thing seeing all the dolphins swim around us!

After the dolphins, we took a little break and came back to the house for some R&R. We also had a local come to the house to teach us how to make our own bracelets. It was a lot more difficult than we expected, but we all ended up with our very own Mozambique bracelets!DSCN1524 DSCN1526 DSCN1532 DSCN1536 DSCN1555

Then, it was time for another adventure. We went quad biking around town all over the sand dunes. Now, most of us had been four-wheeling before, but this was a totally different ball game. We had to finagle our way over the sand dunes, but it was such an incredible experience. It was such a blast, and we were nothing but smiles the entire time!! We went so fast and zoomed around the dunes for hours. We also stopped at a couple places along the way for great views and a couple drinks. It was a brilliant way to spend our afternoon. We couldn’t get enough!! The boys even decided to run all the way down to the beach and all the way up again. It was about 250 stairs up and down! Beasts!!DSCN1558 DSCN1559 DSCN1560 DSCN1564 DSCN1568 DSCN1582

Now that's what I call a booze cruise!

Now that’s what I call a booze cruise!


Run forest run!!

Run forest run!!

Second place with the sunset

Second place with the sunset

We had to have some time to unwind from the crazy events from the day, watch the sunset, and chill. We ate our dinner like a bunch of animals, but we definitely deserved it! It’s our last night with Madi and Sasha, and we’re all sad. Of course, tonight we’re celebrating our last night with them with style! We have one last half day with them tomorrow, and we know it’s going to be tough to say goodbye. We don’t want them to go… 🙁 🙁

Well, until tomorrow folks.


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