Rise and shine on yet another beautiful day here in Ponta D’ouro and no sign of the Monday blues here after such an awesome weekend so we are well rested and ready to crack on with the job in hand . Once again we are woke by the sound of the local cockerels between 6 and 7am .

We all sit down for a nice breakfast and cup of tea or coffee to warm ourselves up and replenish our energy levels as it’s always a little bit of a chilly start to the mornings . Anthea was the first to leave this morning as she needed to head into town to get some laundry done before starting her English classes at 9am .

P1090953 P1090954
The rest of us arrive on site at about 9:15 to meet with our helper Arthur who wants to get the screeding of the floors and steps of the toilets done today as that is definitely a primary job that needs to be completed by the time we finish at the end of the week .

Just one problem .. we have no cement left to make the mixes so Ben heads off to a little builders depot around the corner from the school to pick some up .. a few minutes later we see him walking back carrying a bag of cement .. hmmm . He explains to us that they can’t deliver it so we need to carry them back to them school !! what !! lol . So Callahan offers his services as each of these bags weighs 50kg ! and between them they manage to get all 5 bags to us in quick time !


While Ben was out ordering the cement we started laying the thick poles over the top of the septic tank and overflow holes as this will act as a base for the concrete slabs that will cover them .. but they need to sit level with the top so we had to chip out some of the brickwork in order for this to happen .. and also cut the poles to length .

P1090958 P1090960 P1090961
Once the cement was here we could start making the mixes for the floor which needs to be the same consistency as the block mix which was slightly drier .. and we needed to clean up the floors and chip away anything extra like cement or stone that would make the floor unlevel .

P1090967 P1090970
Arthur’s helper was also here today so they each take a toilet and we help them make the mix , clean up and get taught how to screed the floors , which is a completely different way to which we would do it at home . Normally we would make a wet mix then block off a section of the floor and fill it , then pat it down to level it and as it is wetter it would self level .

But these guys lay a thin layer of dry cement and then add a thickish layer of dry mix on top .. they then pat it down to level it out and use a long piece of wood to run over it to finish the levelling . One this is done they then throw more dry cement on top and then use a trowel to smooth it over giving it a glossy finish .. it looks good but just seems a very long winded way of doing things . But that’s what we are here for to learn the local way of doing things we guess .

P1090972 P1090974
Anthea only got to teach one class this morning as her second class wasn’t at the correct level of education that she was supposed to be teaching so she got to sit in on the class and learn how it was done so hopefully she will now be able to teach both level 6 and 7 . And we have been assured she will be able to take 4 lessons tomorrow 

She joined up with the rest of us just before lunch and then once again headed into town to catch a bite to eat and pick up some extra supplies for this afternoon . We stopped at the local Macado to pick up 2 extra poles which we need to finish the top of the holes so we worked in teams of 2 to carry them all the way back to the school .

P1090981 P1090983
Back at the school we met up with Thenji who has been one of our hosts and cooks for the week and she decided to come down to the school and give us a hand .. soo nice of her . So while we were at lunch she was helping Arthur and his friend with carting the cement mixes to them and also being shown how to make the floors .

P1090986 P1090987 P1090991
The afternoon was spent making more mix and preparing the rest of the floors and steps ready for our helpers to screed them .. we also got both of the holes finished after trying to cut these blasted poles with a dodgy old saw .. it seemed to take forever lol but we got there eventually .

P1090993 P1090994
Once these floors are finished we will be able to chip in a little more and finish of the partition walls inside and help plaster them giving us more opportunity to put more input in . So although we had to continue to make small mixes during the afternoon it was a pretty chilled day but will definitely be a lot more hands on again tomorrow .

P1090997 P1090998
As 15:00 clock rolled around the last mixes had been made and the floors almost finished we decided to pack up for the day as there wasn’t a lot more we could do .. so we headed back into town to carry on with some shopping at the local markets or pick up some munchies for this evening.

On the way home Callahan who was with Ben , Thenji and Ell spots a small snake crossing the road so what does Ben do .. yup .. he picks it up and starts playing with it lol.. crazy !! But he seemed so chilled and not threatening in anyway , he just seemed to curl around his arm and try and hide in his bracelets .. soo cute .

P1100002 P1100005
Along the way we find out it was a baby Mozambican Spitting Cobra !!! EISH ! … but it was harmless , Nicole had a fit when Ell tried to show it to her as she got out of the car haha .

At dinner we had a lovely mushroom and bacon pasta which was drowned in hot sauce by Ben , Callahan tried the same with his seconds and within a few bites hi mouth was on fire hahaha .. milk, water anything he tried couldn’t put that fire out so he put most of it onto Ben’s plate to finish hahaha I wish you could have seen his face and the screams hahaha .

The night was ended off with a chilled movie in the lounge and a quick video of Ben snoring his head off in the lazyboy chair haha we caught him at last !!