So the day we have dreaded for the last 2 weeks is finally upon us .. It is our last day here in Mozambique and it is definitely kind of heartbreaking as we have felt so at home here over the past 2 weeks and made some amazing new friends that we don’t think we can bring ourselves to leave . So if you arrive at the airport to fetch us and don’t see us .. don’t be alarmed .. we’ll be back sometime haha .

P1100317 P1100319 P1100321 P1100322
This morning we have organised to go back to the school and leave our mark on the school to say we were here , don’t forget us . So we head to the school with some paints as we decided to paint once of the front walls inside the toilet with our logo and team name .

P1100324 P1100327

A few of us have also brought some clothing , shoes and stationary to give to some of the kids so we asked the teachers if it was ok to enter some of the classrooms and give away some things like T-shirts , flip flops , pencils , glow sticks and some other bits and pieces .


We wish you could have seen the looks on some of the kids faces , don’t think they could quite believe they were getting free things 🙂 . But the funniest was when some of the kids turned down our freebie gifts haha maybe they weren’t fashionable enough for them lol .. kids these days hey !!

P1100334 P1100337
Joao who was doing the craft shop with us last weekend was also there to help us .. he did the base coat of white for the wall and did an incredible job of painting the Reach Out hand on the wall , once this was done we had ‘ Artist ‘ Nicole carefully write our team name beneath the logo even though she was getting stick from all of us .

Paint seemed to fly around everywhere with everyone ending up with paint on our faces or arms .. I don’t know what it is with us but we just can’t seem to stop messing around haha it’s either plaster , sand , paint or something we can pick up and throw at each other haha .. we’re going to miss this !!

Sean and Grant also wanted to do a few interviews with us about our experiences and what inspired us etc so that he can make a promo video for the program so stay tuned for that also !! Time was running out so we grabbed some lunch , pineapple and ice cream and head back to Grant’s house one last time 

We meet up with Joao and finish off rubbing the wax off our paintings which we did at the weekend so we can bring home to show you all , finish packing our bags and then have to say goodbye to one of our Plaster Masters Anthea :’( as she will be staying here for another 2 weeks and meeting up with the next group.

Anthea the team will never be the same without you and thank you for all of the amazing memories you have given us and been part of with us we’ll never forget you and pretty sure Sid won’t either haha .. will love and miss you !!

We also had to say goodbye to Sean , Sid and Thenji who will always remain friends and will have a place in our hearts … it was soo heartbreaking having to drive through those gates for the last time knowing we might not see our new friends for life again but we will always have hope  and cannot thank them enough for a life changing and unforgettable time here in Mozambique .

The drive was tiring back to St Lucia especially with the smells emanating from Ben and Callahan haha .. we should have brought some corks with us !! As we reached St Lucia around almost 6 pm we saw the most amazing blood moon rising , this place continues to astound us with it’s beauty .

P1100357 P1100358
During our last evening together we go out for a lovely meal and have a great laugh .. especially with Quinci’s constant shocked look at every question the waiter asked her and Callahan’s chair rippling roar that had us all in tears lol .

We still has some time to kill so Ben suggested a night drive to see if we could find Hippos as they wander around the town here at night .. crazy hey !! But after an hour or so and some Bushbucks , Red Duikers and plenty of cute little Bushbabies we found no Hippos . 11pm came and went and it was definitely time for bed to catch some zzz’s and be fresh for our last morning together tomorrow …  .