Last night we had a storm pull in to Ponta with very strong winds .. unfortunately this carried on through the night so when we woke at 05:30 to get ready for our Dolphin swim things didn’t look promising  Grant took a drive into town to go and speak to them and just as we thought , it was going to be too dangerous to take the boat out in these conditions ..

We have rescheduled for Sunday morning though and it does mean that we get to spend the whole day at the school and plough on with the workload that still needs to be completed . As it is also the weekend after today and we have a party to go to tonight we thought it was a good idea to stay longer and earn our break tomorrow .

Because it was such an early start and it was a little chilly this morning we still had some extra time before heading to the school so what did we decide to do … yup .. hit the Jacuzzi !! haha a 6:30 am Jacuzzi to start the day .. perfect  enjoyed by T.L Ben , Ell , Nicole and Anthea .

P1090798 P1090799
It was just a quick light breakfast this morning because we hadn’t planned on being here so we filled up and then took the short walk into the Macado and to the school . Arthur wasn’t there on our arrival but most of the day today will be spent plastering and building the circular block structure in our hole for the overflow .

P1090800  P1090803
Anthea And Callahan dug out the last part of the extra sand that had fallen in during the cave in while the rest of the girls raked away the sand from the edge to stop another cave in lol . Once that was finished Nicole and Quinci began making the first cement mix inside the toilet ready to plaster the walls .

P1090801 DSCN0128
Anthea and Callahan moved the blocks over to the hole to make it easier to build and then Ell came up to us with one of the kids who had hurt his foot so Ben took a look and decided it was best to get him seen to at the local clinic so Ell and Nicole ( our resident translator ) caught a ride with Jono to sort the poor child’s foot out 

P1090805 P1090808 P1090811 P1090816
While they were away the rest of us carried on with the job at hand .. Ben helped Quinci in the toilet with mixing the cement for our other helper to carry on plastering and Cal and Anthea made a mix outside for Arthur who had begun to build the overflow structure .

P1090820 P1090825 P1090827
Things were coming along nicely but it was then time to head into town to catch a bite to eat at our local haunt the Coconut Can. While having a chow Anthea came out with a remark that Jono looked like Sid from Ice Age the movie and had us all in stitches which got us thinking about our team name .. hmmmm .

On the way back to the school we stopped off at the Macado to pick up some fruit and an extra plastering trowel so we can help with the plastering this afternoon to speed things up a little .. We also need a few extra blocks but as it will take too long to make some more and wait for them to dry Ben decided to head to the local Hardware store and pick some up .

P1090831 P1090838 P1090839
There was just one problem .. we needed 17 of them and they couldn’t deliver although it was just around the corner , but Ben had a plan haha . He gathered some of the kids from out of their classroom and asked them to help carry and they were all too happy to oblige as they love helping us 

P1090843 P1090848
Throughout the afternoon Nicole , Quinci and Ell helped plaster inside the toilet by getting the main coat of plaster on the wall and then our helpers would smooth it over and finish it off .. this worked really well and we got soo much more done . All the while Callahan and Anthea helped build the overflow for the septic tank with Arthur .

Once the block structure was finished the kids helped us fill in behind structure with sand to keep everything stable and then hung around so they could play with us . Our last bag of cement had been used on making one last mix for the plaster and because Arthur was now inside helping our other helper with the plastering there wasn’t much left for us to do this afternoon so we took this as a prime opportunity to have some fun !

P1090853 P1090855 P1090856
Ben suggested that we have a plaster fight …. hmmm …. yeh why not haha ! Within minutes we were all covered from head to toe in wet cement mix haha it was awesome and had us all in hysterics . Then Ben though it was a good idea to get a pic of us all throwing it at each other , so what did we do .. on the count of 3 we all turned to face him and threw it at him with Quinci causing some serious damage but we can’t say where lol !!

P1090857 P1090858
The latter part of the afternoon was just spent playing games with the kids while Callahan wanted to test his strength by arm wrestling them haha it was such a great afternoon and a perfect way to end the week .

P1090862 P1090865 P1090866 P1090867
It was almost 5pm when we eventually left the school and headed home with almost half the kids in tow who wanted to follow us home , awww  although we did get some funny looks walking through the town from people who thought we may have been stealing their children haha .

On the walk home we got to thinking about our team name so we thought about what we have been doing and other things that have been associated with us since we have been here and we came up with SID’S HOLEY PLASTER MASTERS !! What a name hey !! 

Back at Grant’s we all jumped in the shower and got ready for our night out as we are heading to a Reggae party tonight organised by our hosts so it should be a good one and interesting to see each other misbehave a little hehe …. and so the blog ends here for the day as tonight is a secret !!