Speed demons!!!

Today we got a much needed break day. We slept in till 9AM!! WOOOHOO~~~!! We all then hopped on some ATV’s and went for a ride around town, stopping at a few different local restaurants along the way. Each of us got the chance to drive the quad, we had such a blast! After lunch, the groups all split off, some heading to the beach for a swim, while other hit up a local ice cream joint called the Coconut Can for some treats. A few of us tried to haggle some prices down at the local markets, but man these shop owners are tough! I may have paid a bit more than I should have for a couple items today…

This evening, we’re all taking it easy at the lodge. We just finished dinner and are all talking, making bracelets, playing cards, listening to tunes, and just having a chill night.

Tomorrow is more dolphin swims and some deep sea fishing!


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