Starting things off right!

Hello and welcome to Africa! I know all of you have been traveling a long way, but we’re going to have an amazing time!!

Now who is writing this amazing blog?? Well, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Tara and I will be the team leader for the next two weeks. I have been with ROV for a year now and have loved every minute of it. I love traveling and am very passionate about seeing the world and helping out communities in need, as I can imagine is true for you all as well. ROV has made a huge impact on my life and I am excited for this experience to do the same for you. Other than traveling, I also love skiing, hiking, biking and playing sports. I am also quite the human jukebox and love to sing. I have taken it upon myself to learn all the words to every Disney song out there as well as a wide repertoire of random songs. I love puns and bad jokes, I’m obsessed with coffee and recently my favorite flavor ice cream is pistachio. Basically, I’m a weirdo but if nothing else, I’ll be here for your entertainment!


I will be updating this blog everyday, so all the family and friends can keep up with our activities. Please feel free to comment on the blogs and join in on the fun. We have special comment reading time in the morning, so please make sure to make it as embarrassing as possible for your loved one. Thanks for reading, and we’re so looking forward to making a difference and having a blast!!

Chris made it safely today and we’re all very pumped to head out to Mozambique tomorrow morning! We spent the day in St. Lucia, exploring more and getting to know one another. As Sasha, Maddi and Ricky already know each other, it was mostly just initiating Chris into the group. We can tell that he’s going to fit in just swimmingly! We also took a leisurely walk down to the ski boat club for some appetizers and drinks. We also got to watch a bit of the sunset from there as well. We had an amazing dinner, but while eating, we noticed something moving outside our accommodation. We ran out to see what it was, and sure enough, it was a whole family of hippos walking on the street. They wandered into the neighbors’ garden and grazed along awhile. It was a bit mind blowing to see them in town, but what a nice way to welcome Chris to Africa right?? There’s going to be much more fun to go in the next few weeks!DSCN1332

Until tomorrow all,

Team Leader Tara

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