Steel yourselves ponta, reach out is in town.

So yesterday was our first day in Mozambique and we got to work straight after we arrived in Ponta de Ouro. The speed that the volunteers worked took us by surprise, we had the trench dug in record time, and the winner for smoothest, most level side went to, Courtney, Renee, Mariah and Asha. So we got started on mixing the foundations. As I write this in a beach bar at lunch time (I needed the Wi-Fi!) we have completed the entire cement foundation.

Yesterday evening we started our Portuguese lessons and also Changane the local language, I myself am excited to be learning a new language again and the group seems to be picking it up a lot easier than Zulu.

Finally, last night we celebrated Australia Day in the traditional fashion by finding a bar, which invlive a sober Courtney stumbling over before the drinking even started. And I was glad to see the hangovers did nothing to stop their work ethic.

Thanks for reading.


P.S. some photos from our last few days.