Surfs UP!

Friday 18th December

We started off our surfing lessons in the backyard, practicing the stance on our towels. Then the girls headed down to the beach to try it for real, while the boys explored the markets, as they hadn’t had a chance to do so yet.




The waves were just right for beginners, and we all got to have quite a few goes at trying to ride waves back into shore. We all managed to stay upright for a few seconds at least. It was a very hot day so the water was very refreshing.


When we got back to the house, we had some free time. One by one we started noticing how sunburned we all were – despite applying liberal amounts of sun-cream. A couple of us went down to have another look at the markets and get our Secret Santa presents and some souvenirs. Walking around the markets was exhausting in the heat, so when we got back we went for another quick dip in the sea before having a delicious dinner as a group.


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After dinner we got ready to hit the nightlife in Ponta, and headed to a beach bar which was unfortunately shut.   Undeterred, we headed to another close by bar for some drinks and dancing, which we all enjoyed.20151219_102150  _MG_5384

Saturday 19th

We worked through lunchtime, so came home to have a late lunch of leftovers and then had a relaxing afternoon, reading, watching movies, writing in our journals or doing some drawing. Sean says he has a surprise for us later on tonight, but we aren’t sure what it is yet, so keep your eye out for our next post!

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