Teamleader down!

Hey Ya’ll!

Sorry for the day late post! Yesterday started out with another dolphin swim with Ponta Du Ouros resident dolphins. I hear they saw quite a few of them out there! After the morning swim, everyone headed to the worksite again. The crew had a productive day, finishing putting the reeds on the house, and starting the cement speckling to fill in the cracks of the walls. They had quite a bit of help from the youngsters running around. The volunteers got the chance to interact with the kids a lot, and even had some of them take over the cement mixing job! I on the other hand had a very short bout of some kinda stomach bug, so I was out of commission most of the day. Thankfully the volunteers were able to get the work done without me so that I could rest and catch up on some much needed sleep. I’m now feeling 100% again and can’t wait to get back out to the project site! One more day left to finish up the work before everyone heads home. I cannot believe how quick our time here has gone!

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