We Are Alive!

Hello from Mozambique!

Sorry it’s taken us so long to finally get connected to update the blog. Wifi can be crazy tough to locate (and keep a hold on) when you’re in places as remote and sandy as where we are!

To get you up to speed, here’s what has happened so far with our stunning volunteers, from Sunday to Tuesday. Photos will have to be in the next blog, so sorry!!)

On Sunday everyone who was already in St. Lucia spent the day, which was sadly a bit drizzly and cold, by staying close and getting to know everyone new who joined our once-only-13-person family. On Sunday we gained Narelle and Niki, sisters from Australia, Allie from England, (but currently residing in UAE,) Bernie from Wisconsin, and finally, Jess and Kris, mother/daughter power-combo from Australia.

Once we got everyone safely in one location, we all enjoyed the culinary stylings of our favorite Mozambiquean man, Frans! Frans prepared HEAPS (heh heh) of fresh veggies, chicken, beef and lamb kebabs, and chocolate for dessert, because girls love chocolate.

Early on Monday we all packed up our gear after an early breakfast, and had to fight the rain to get all of our luggage loaded up so we could get on our way to Mozambique! It was a fun ride where we all learned a few new things about each other, like how Kris has made over 3,000 wedding bouquets in her life, Niki hates all birds in all shapes and forms, and that both mole rats (DJ Rufus,) and grubs (Kiki,) have been mistaken for cheese puffs…? Ok, maybe we learned a little TOO much, but all is well regardless.

After we smuggled everyone across the border at the immigration checkpoint from South Africa to Mozambique, (including Milton the plastic crab) we all continued our journey via the sandy roads of Mozambique on to our final destination, Ponto D’Ouro! After we arrived, everyone got settled into their rooms and enjoyed the incredible sunset form our oceanfront accommodation as we relaxed in hammocks. Everyone was

Today, we all woke up to a beautiful breakfast made by Kris, Jess and Paige before we took off to the school that we’ll be working at for the next two weeks. At this school that we’ve helped to build up in the past, we’ll be working on building new toilet facilities, new rubbish areas, re-roofing and walling some of the buildings that desperately need it, and weatherproofing/painting some of the existing structures, amongst other things.

Once we arrived at the school, we quickly got started with picking up as much garbage around the school that we could find, since the area doesn’t have a proper process of eliminating rubbish.

Apologies we’re having wifi issues again so will update you again shortly.

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