We are the paster masters!

Today we started with banana pancakes, compliments of house Chef Thegni Tshazibana, Sean came round to pick us up a little early and ended up joining us for a “banana hotdog” (a banana wrapped in a pancake smeared with butter and honey). After we had all stuffed our faces with delicious banana hotdogs, we all loaded up into the pickup truck and rushed off to the school before teacher Anthea missed her classes.

DSCN1896 DSCN1897 DSCN1898 DSCN1899 DSCN1900 DSCN1879

Ben bullying the kids...

Ben bullying the kids…

Once we arrived, we started smashing out the windows we hadn’t quite finished the day before. Mr. Chris took the task seriously again and went to town smashing through the wall with a four-pound hammer and chisel. After a couple hours, he finally finished bashing the holes in the wall!DSCN1894 DSCN1891 DSCN1904

Then came time for the plastering. We mix a massive pile of cement. We had to plaster the sides of the windows to make them straight. André, our plaster master, taught how to do it right and we helped him finish up the windows. This took us most of the day, but we also had other jobs to do.DSCN1909

Meanwhile, Ricky and Anthea plastered up the holes and the back wall of the building. Ricky went hard plastering the bottom of the sidewall too. So much plastering!! It’s so important for us to get these done though because then we can paint and get the building finished completely! We also finished the base of the sink today!! It’s so exciting to have that done too!DSCN1903 DSCN1904 DSCN1910 DSCN1915 DSCN1917 DSCN1921 DSCN1923 DSCN1929

We also flushed out the toilets to prepare them for the plumbing tomorrow. We got the windows finished and most of the back wall too! Tomorrow we can input the plumbing and just get trucking along to the finished product.

After work, we came home and had a little Jacuzzi party at the house. It’s a small little tub, but we managed to fit five people in it. I would say comfortably, but it wasn’t that comfortable. It was certainly fun though!! It was a great way to end a hard working day!

DSCN1937 DSCN1944

Until tomorrow,