So last night we had a little bit of a problem in that there was a surge of electricity through Grant’s house which knocked out the pump for the water heater meaning that we were not able to have a hot shower  . Most of us braved the cold water to clean up as we were all filthy from the days work or we just filled the bath with hot water so we could have a quick bath . Fingers crossed for tomorrow .

Although still a bit dirty from yesterday we wake up fresh after a good nights sleep and are amped to get this project finished as we only have 3 days left of actual work and we’re determined to complete it .

P1100015 P1100017 P1100022
After a quick breakfast we gather our things and arrive at the school slightly earlier today as Anthea needed to be there at 9am ready for her first lesson . This morning she was teaching her class ‘ Likes and Dislikes ‘ mainly regarding to food . Ben sat in on one of her lessons and said she is such a natural at this job and amazing how much control she has over the children who can normally be unruly . She really has such a way with the kids and they love her teaching them 

The rest of carried on with yet again making more cement mixes and aiding our helpers . The aim for today was to finish the partition walls for the toilets and complete as much of the plastering as possible so its all hands on deck . We still had one bag of cement left from yesterday so Ben and Sean head out in his bakkie to pick up some more which should tide us over for the rest of the day .

P1100031 P1100054 P1100061
Thenji joined us around 10am and helped with the mixes , we then had to transport the blocks up to the toilet building ready for Arthur and his friend to complete the walls . While we had some time after the mix was made we decided to complete a few of the odd jobs that needed to be finished .

P1100078 P1100082 P1100081
Ell was helping supply the cement mix to our bricklayers and keeping the mix at the right consistency , Nicole and Quinci jumped into the septic tank and finished off the plastering in there . Callahan began to square up the steps ready to be re-cemented and Ben and Thenji made a bottom step for one side of the toilets so that the kids wouldn’t have to reach too far to get to the original first step .

P1100084 P1100085 P1100091
Sid also joined us for part of the day lending a helping hand where he could  . It was quite a mess around the toilet and septic tank with rubble we had accumulated of the last week or so we asked some of the kids who were on break to give us a hand in cleaning the area up and they were more than happy to help , picking up rubbish and even doing some weeding lol.

Nicole even found a frog in the bottom of the septic tank and the kids seemed soo freaked out haha especially after it pee’d in her hands which they found hilarious !! But somehow she managed to get them to touch it and get over their fears .

P1100095 P1100096 P1100102
We were running low in small blocks to finish the partition walls so Ben runs off to the hardware store to buy more as we don’t have the time left to make more and wait for them to cure and dry properly . Yet again there is no delivery service available so what does he do … rounds up more kids and steals them from the classroom to help carry the blocks haha … soo cheeky .

P1100107 P1100118
In the latter part of the afternoon we had a few spots of rain but the sun was still shining and apparently this is called a Monkeys Wedding ( we’re not sure why ) but it cleared for a few minutes but just as we thought we were home and dry the heavens opened up and stopped play .

P1100122 P1100092
We tried to wait it out but it really didn’t show signs of letting up so unfortunately we had to finish a little early for the day but luckily most of the work had been done .. the partition walls both got finished with one of them even being fully plastered . Most of the plastering in the second toilet got completed and the steps in the first toilet being prepped enough to finish them tomorrow also .

It’s a shame we had to finish early because we would have liked to have stayed longer to get more time as we are now slightly pushed for time but we will do our best . Back at the house the we still have no hot water , even the electrician couldn’t solve the problem as we still need another new part …. hmmm so it’s another night of cold showers .. woohoo  not ! haha

But we are survivors and it won’t dampen our spirits as tonight is pizza night ( If we ever find Sid as he has gone AWOL !! ) and just chill with a movie … we may be going on our second Dolphin swim tomorrow but will need to check the weather first … so let’s see what happens !