What an emotional roller coaster

Hey everyone!

Today started with a beautiful 8am breakfast which allowed us to have a sneaky sleep in. Full in the bellies we hopped in the Jeep to start project work in Mozambique.

We arrived at the clinic which was the start of an emotional and confronting journey for us all. As we painted the walls of a building built by ROV to replace a tent where HIV test were done, we started seeing the realities of health care in Africa.

With the help of Abdul our translator/leader we were able to converse and ask questions to the nurses. We spoke to a 23 year old nurse who worked on HIV testing in Ponta D’oura. This clinic only houses one doctor and nine nurses that cater for an area of approximately 15,000 people. She also gave us insights into the corrupt nature of the health care system and her vision for the future. She hoped for a time where citizens do not have to walk 30km to get medicine.

The group at the clinic

After this poignant experience we visited the school where Reach Out also works. The tin shed which holds up to 40 children again took our breathe away. We were all thinking- what did we do to deserve what we have at home?

One of the bigger classrooms at the primary school

The tin classrooms

The eye opening morning meant for a slow lunch, with most of us still in shock. However by the afternoon we were all excited for our quad biking adventure through the town. We all jumped onto the quad bikes in pairs and took turns driving, stopping at bars along the tour. It was a fun experience for all of us and luckily no one stacked it.

Sophie and Keira on the quad bike

Ready for our trip back to St Lucia tomorrow!

Love the Mozambique Muppets!!