Where have you fin all my life?

Hey everyone! 

Guess what we did today?! Swam with dolphins!! We all woke up super early at 4:30am and headed to the dolphin centre for our briefing before we jumped in the boat to head out to sea. After a bumpy ride we found a pod of dolphins, put on our flippers and snorkels and dove right in. During the tour we managed to find a few pods of dolphins to swim with along the coast as well as getting to snorkel above a reef.

They were so close!

It was magical to see the dolphins in their natural habitat- being social, mating and communicating with each other using echo location. Climbing in and out of the boat provided many laughs but we all made it back to shore safe and sound. 

After an amazing start to the morning we went for a swim at the beach and had time to relax before going fishing in the afternoon. Sadly we didn’t catch anything so no dinner for us tonight 😉 

Bheki our team leader preparing the fishing hook

Elyse, Sophie and Keira playing in the sand

Ready for another great day tomorrow! 

Love the Mozambique Muppets!