Work hard play hard

Sunday 20th December

Sean took us on a nature walk this morning, and we saw the fence between South Africa and Mozambique. He also gave us a bit of a history lesson on the war that had occurred in that area, which was apparently infested with landmines – so we were not allowed to wander off! Sean also showed us a plant called cassava, the leaves of which make up a staple part of Mozambique diet, and the root is used to make Tapioca. After the nature walk, we went to a part of the beach with high sand dunes and we went sand-boarding, which is similar to snowboarding but on sand. We used spray and cook instead of wax and it worked really well. We got some great pictures of people’s slides (and falls).

A few of us went snorkelling after that, and saw a stingray! It has blue spots on it which looked awesome. After that, we went to a bar on the beach and had ‘super dogs’ from The Coconut Can. we followed that with a visit to the beach where we laid in the sun and did some more surfing – we got some great photos of us surfing, too.  For dinner we had a delicious meal of Buffalo wings and an enormous salad, followed by a quiet early night so that we could be well rested for another day of work the next day.


Monday 21st December

We were supposed to be up at left by 7am this morning to get to the school but we had a bit of a slow start and didn’t end up leaving ‘til after 8am. We still got in a good day of work though. Andrew and Dan put in an extra tap while the rest of us worked on making a safe enclosure from bricks and mortar for the pressure pump to be kept in. We also built a wall under the taps near the bathrooms so that when kids use the taps it doesn’t splash onto their shoes. For people who haven’t plastered or done much concreting, we did a pretty neat job! During our breaks we devoured a whole fresh watermelon and some sandwiches we made in the morning. We also saw some cute goat kids that let us get quite close to them. The last activity for the day was scratching R.O.V and all of our names into some of the concrete on the pump cover to leave our mark on the school. The next steps of the project will be putting the final touches on the pump enclosure and then we have to clean the toilets which have become surprisingly disgusting due to neglect – we’re not looking forward to that part but it is something that just has to be done!

On the way home from the school we got more ice cream from The Coconut Can, and Andrew shouted us cold cans of coke to refresh us after a long hot day. Dinner tonight was a ‘gourmet macaroni and cheese surprise’ served with a fresh salad, which was scrumptious. After dinner we roasted marshmallows and played cards together.


more pics to come