Work, Work, Work

Day 2 on the worksite and how it seems to be flying by. In the morning we finished off pouring the foundations. It was hard work this morning as the heat was scorching and it just kept getting hotter and hotter. We took a extended lunch break because of the heat and in classic portogese style had 4 hours in the middle of day to go into town and visit the local markets. The volunteers founds some amazing deals and all came back rather happy with themselves.

We also headed to the beach where some of us got to take a dip in the indian ocean to cool off. Unfortunately, poor sam had a run in with a blue-bottle and now has a rather fetching scar on his shoulder (for about a week, tops), he took it like a champ and was joking about it all day. the work in the afternoon continued at around 3pm where it was a little cooler, and we moved onto a new job, brick laying! The first layer took a while because we had to get it just right, so the building is square, but now that’s been done it with shoot up, I just know it.

We finished work at around 7pm and made it back in time for dinner, and card games afterwards.