Banana treez, zugarcane, & weedz

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image imageShandog back at it again for Tuesday’s blog!

Everybody got up bright and early once again. At home I can sleep in all day, but here it’s easy to wake early with all of the chickens and insects and natural sunlight creeping in. I’m so happy all the volunteers are finding it as tranquil as I do here!

We hiked down a path after breakfast leading us through more blessed trees and saplings planted earlier this summer until we came across a good spot to plant the banana trees we had collected yesterday. It was nice to be surrounded by so much green while we worked! Since every single volunteer here is out of this world, we had all of the trees replanted in just an hour! Before we were done hurrah-ing, though, another truckload full of trees showed up! No worries, none of us were tired yet and went to town. So many little banana saplings are growing now to provide more food to the elephants!

We continued our bout of survivor before lunch, with the team that lost yesterday playing spoons to determine who received immunity and who would be vulnerable to VOTE OFF THE SANCTUARY! Brittany casually won spoons, and Logan received a penalty vote for being the first one to lose at the fun little card game. As the host of survivor, I collected all the votes from the losing team and announced at lunch time that unfortunately, BETH and ELLEN had been voted off! Beth said she was relieved since the game stressed her out anyway, and Ellen looked very happy to curl up in her hammock with a book the next time Survivor games came up.

Our work duties after lunch were two-fold and doubly fun. First we all jumped into the back of the truck and headed to a local sugarcane farm where we quickly collected about 150 big stalks of sugarcane for elephant food! Since we powered through that so quickly, they treated us to some cookies as a reward then sent us to weed a rice farm for a teeny bit as well before our break. No worries! This team is always ready to work. We were surprised at how quickly 20 minutes flew by with all of us weeding.

The survivor competition after lunch was a hearty game of volleyball – this time it was Christian’s team who lost! They’ll have to engage in spoons Wednesday morning…

We relaxed into the night with card games, singing songs, and of course more golf on our phones! (Christian and Matt made everyone download Super Stickman 3 so we could play “golf” together) Once we were all sung out, we headed to our little bungalows for another night’s sleep…


until tomorrow!



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