trips and trunks!

What a crazy weekend. The village group, and the Island group joined forces and are headed to the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary with us on Sunday. Amelia, Leah, Sydney and Kathryn flew in during the day as well and are spending the week with us too. We also met Mark, Luke and Lily who are a family that have been travelling around South East Asia for the last two weeks and are ready to get their hands dirty helping with the elephants. We all jumped on the bus and headed to the jungle ready to be in the wilderness. As we went, we all played a great game of two truths and a lie, and really got to learn about each other. The bus ride was only two hours and once we arrived everyone was eager to check out their new home.

The whole gang ready for the orientation

We met the pack of puppies that live in the sanctuary, and also Aek and Jane who are our Leaders here at the Sanctuary. They talked us all through an orientation about how to act and treat the elephants and explained to us a bit about the Nature Park and everything they are doing for the animals and protecting the jungle. We even watched a cute little video that went along with the Do’s and Dont’s. After the Orientation we all enjoyed an amazing buffet lunch together, which was delicious, and then headed to each of our bungalows. We had some free time before getting to meet the elephants, so of course, we all wanted to meet the rest of the puppies.

Phoebe, Jess, Shannon, Leah, Sydney, Alyssa, Maggie, Megan, Tanith, Emily and Lucie, playing with all the puppies

Then it was feeding time!!! We all headed over to prepare the sugarcane for the elephants by using machetes to chop up hand sized pieces for them.

Everyone excited to prepare the foooooooood.

And then it was time to meet the elephants! Everyone was so excited to feed them, and they were all so excited to be fed!

Sophia feeding Arun-Rea

Mark feeding Di-Poh

Jess is super excited to meet Sarai-Mia

After the feeding frenzy was over we all headed back in for a delicious dinner together. There were a few people who were super sleepy so they headed to bed, while the rest of us stayed up and played some card games including secret mafia. It was a great first day, and everyone is eager to get to work tomorrow!