Day 4 and 5
Seeding and Cleaning Geese!!
Sua Sdei ( Hello ) Everyone!!
It was stormy in the whole night and we felt in sleep as a baby. The great night was over and we had breakfast of vegetarian at 7 o’clock and then we took rest a few minutes in our huts and dinning room. It was ready time for work at the nursery for seeding the Papaya, Jack fruit, Mango, Logan, and rain forest trees. We have seeded around 450 kinds of these trees. That was an amazing to seed and re-plant them again. All these kinds of fruit will be for monkeys, elephants, local people and other animals who living around here.
After a hard day with the dirty hands and sweaty we took rest for lunch.




After lunch it was time for us to clean the geese house and pool and sweep and collect all the rubbish around and in this area. No the geese has clean water for swimming and clean place for living. After we cleaned the geese house we continued our job to cut the grass around the jackfruit trees which the other group planted last three weeks ago. Some of these trees were eaten by rats, squirrels and other animals. We tried to save these trees from these animals.




We had a hard day with these great tasks and then we prepared the food for the elephants and monkey that we always do it every evening. All these kinds of animal are amazing for these elephant sanctuary. They are so cute for us forever.






Today we woke up to the sounds of crickets and singing bull frogs. Breakfast was served at 7am and consisted of pancakes, rice, watermelon, cereals and toast; it was delicious as always and more than enough to give us strength for a day of hard work.

After breakfast we collaborated outside the plant nursery to collect the tools and the young trees we required to do our first job of the day: tree planting. We filled the back of the pick-up truck with about 200 young saplings.



We walked down the road outside the entrance to the elephant sanctuary with the tools we needed to plant the trees. Yo followed in the pick-up truck with the trees. Once at the location for the tree planting we split into teams of two and commenced with the tree planting, digging the hole and planting the trees with 3 meters between them. Mix provided the entertainment in the form of his music from his phone. We planted the trees in the space of about two hours, and then we collected some rubbish from the road side.
We did not go back to the sanctuary straight away because Joy, the mischievous monkey, escaped for a bit to make a mess of the kitchen and try to bite a couple of people before being coaxed back into his pen.





We then had another delicious meal for lunch before going into the jungle to wrap orange clothes which had been blessed by the Monks around trees to protect them from illegal logging. The elephants came with us and we bathed them; then we came back to the buildings to feed the elephants and monkeys.
Afterwards, most of the group went to the local shop to buy drinks and biscuits which we all drank and ate whilst watching ‘A Bugs Life’ after tea which was very nice.



Written by Ellis, Edited by Phil, Supervised by Jenn and posted by Bun!


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