Say goodbye to the elephants Sanctuary and welcome to Seim Reap Town!!
Today is so happy days with tears drop down … After our last breakfast in this amazing elephants sanctuary, we prepared the food for these cute elephants and took the photo with both of them and also with their mahouts. This is the last day for us to say goodbye to this elephants but not forever.




After we fed the elephants and we went back to our huts to package everything back to Siem Reap for the next week and then we wait for our last lunch. We had a great lunch with game of two truth of one lie. That was awesome that we tried to lie and tell the truth to each other
After lunch we took a break for almost 10 minutes and then we start raising the fun to help one school that we saw in this week that don’t have any blackboard and chalk. We got 45 $ to buy these stuffs for them. Thanks all these amazing people…






After that we took the bus down to Siem Reap and check in the Angkor Wat Hotel and then we had a city tour to see the interesting places in this province. And then we went straight away to have dinner at the Khmer Cuisine Café Restaurant. That was such a great dishes here. Emmm After dinner it was time for us to have a delicious Ice Cream at the Blue Pumpkin and straight to the Night Market to buy some Stuffs. After a long day with these enjoyable activities we came back to the hotel. Because tomorrow it will be a busy day for us to work in the Community.
Good Night Everyone. Have a sweet Dream…



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