A beautiful day for a waterfall

Today was a fantastic day of two halves!


Lena, Amy, Ronelle, Tori, Clare and Lizzie

We started off working hard harvesting bananas trees to feed to all our Elephant friends tomorrow. Everyone took turns, cutting down the trees, stripping the dead leaves and hacking up the tree itself into moveable pieces.


Don’t mess with Valerie, Jade and Jane.


Jase flexing the muscles

After the hard work of carrying the banana pieces down all 278 steps it was definitely time for a lunch break!

Next on the agenda, the stunning waterfall within the Sanctuary area. Trekking through the jungle we headed in on a beautifully scenic 30 minute walk arriving at an even more beautiful location.



Beautiful group in a beautiful location

While the water was rather chilly nothing could stop us from having a fantastic afternoon swimming, climbing the vines and sitting behind the waterfall


Alex climbing up


Amy and Brittney on the vines

Everyone had an amazing day, well deserved after all the hard work.


Catch you tomorrow!!!!

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