A bittersweet farewell

The last two weeks had gone very fast until today, everyone had to go to different direction. While we have been working on these communities, whether it was teaching english, building water catchments, building up schools and helping animal sanctuaries the bond we developed crept up and caught us by surprise.

We had a last dinner with everyone last night with a karaoke to sing all together. We had a great time for two weeks to know all these amazing guys and we shared lots of experiences that we never done before.

It is so hard to say goodbye to all of you and we didn’t want to say that. We wanted to stay together for more longer but we can’t. I hopefully to see all you guys again as soon as we can.

I am (Damdin) wish everyone have good luck all the times and successful in your rest of life. Thank you so much for became a path of us. You are so amazing people.

The last group photo

The last group photo

I have had an amazing time meeting and writing about all these amazing individuals and the work they have completed. You should be incredibly proud of these volunteers and what they have achieved! If you want to make your own contribution to these projects then I implore you to check out this http://www.rovolunteers.com/charity/. We cannot be around these projects year round so the donations help these communities to thrive, even during our absence.

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