A busy day working, teaching, feeding and learning!!

Today the whole group walked into the jungle to fix the dam where the elephants take a bath. They all worked hard with one group shoveling dirt into bags, tying them up them lifting up the bags to the next group who carried them into place where the dam was leaking. Everyone got very sweaty and dirty! After a water break the teams switched over jobs until the dam was complete with plenty of help from the local people.




Fixing Dam!!!

After a hard mornings work we ate a nice lunch then headed to the school to teach the children English. We split into small groups and taught grades one to five and had a lot of fun with them, teaching all kinds of subjects such as the alphabet, numbers, colours, body parts and animals! It was brilliant for the volunteers to be able to help teach English to the children since there is no English teacher at the school, so they helped towards the children’s education and making their futures brighter. After the classes the volunteers then played games such as Duck Duck Goose at their break time! Before we left the school director said some kind words and thanked everyone for giving the lessons and also for helping to build the wall around what will be a beautiful flowerbed in the children’s play area.




Teaching and Learning!!

When everyone returned from the school we fed the elephants watermelon and let Kamlin drink and splash from a hose pipe. To finish off the day I gave a Khmer lesson to everyone, showing them how to write their names in Khmer and also some different words and phrases. Everyone had a great day!



Good Night everyone. See you Tomorrow…


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