A welcome blessing

Today our volunteers woke up to the amazing sounds of the jungle, they heard elephants, monkeys, birds and geckos. They all had a great night sleep and were ready to enjoy their first full day. We had one group building a house, one group building a pond for the monkeys and one group got to take the elephants on a walk through the jungle. The volunteers absolutely loved the jungle walk, it was amazing to watch them be free elephants in their natural habitat and it truly was a once in a lifetime experience. After a delicious lunch we planted seeds and trees to help grow the jungle habitat and then of course we prepared the food and fed the four beautiful elephants. In the evening we got welcomed with a traditional Cambodian blessing and then we watched two documentaries. It was a great day and we can’t wait for tomorrow. Also I apologise that there are no photos, I will keep trying to upload some but I am having some technical difficulties with the internet reception.

Jol Moi