Amazing Jungle Family!!!

Rare Trei Sua Sdei Neak Taing Osth Knea (Good Night Everyone)! Before you go to bed please take your time a few minutes to visit our cray cray activities today!!!
On the truck to take the baby banana trees in the deep jungle, we were a bit quiet because we just had an amazing vegetarian breakfast but when we arrived the deepest jungle we had one song for you “My Heart will Go On” Not in the Ocean but in the Jungle. Just a few minutes we arrive the place where we are going to take them, so we divided into group of two to find the banana in the jungle so one group need to get six of banana trees in there. Some of them don’t know how to dig to get the banana, but after they have guided by Mr. Bun to take them. All of us worked so fast just an hour and half we got a lot of them. That is unbelievable.
We had two hours to take all these bananas trees, but we worked so fast so the truck didn’t come back to take us on time. So we walked back from the jungle around half hour. Everyone ask me Bun Where is the truck, So I told them it is on the way.



Be ready for replant of banana trees for elephants.

When we arrived at the elephant sanctuary we had break time for 15 minutes 15 seconds to wash our faces and hands. And then we cut the blessing robe which are blessed by the monks in order to wrap the tree that inside this park. In Buddhism when the trees are tied by the orange dress which is used by the Buddhist monks, so the people will afraid to cut them down. That is the Buddhist believes about this custom.



Be ready for Protect the Jungle.

After that we had lunch and took a break for half hour we need to take all the holly dresses to tie the trees in the deep jungle. In there we had two dresses to tie around the trees. That was an amazing activity that we join to protect the trees from doing logging. We do hope the trees that covered by these holly dresses will grow and stay longer.




Tree Protectors!

And then it is time for us to replant the banana trees that we took them out from the area in this morning. We grew two of banana trees of each person. These banana trees are the food of the elephants and monkeys who live in this area. We would like to tell all the hunters and logger that you are not allows cutting all these trees and hunting these kinds of animals.



Banana Protectors

Ohhh! It was a bit hot for us today, but we still prepare food for these cute and gentle elephant and Cheeky Monkeys. Some of us were hungry and they stole the elephant food and also the monkeys food. EEM.. How hungry they are?




After we fed all these amazing animals and it is time for us to go to the market to buy some stuffs for our party for the last night in this great elephant sanctuary and Jungle community. Our party are followed by soft drinks, candies and great movies. That was and awesome night for us. Woow…One week here is too fast, we don’t want to leave from these gentle and cute animals. But we have a lot of things to do for this country “Cambodia” for the next week.


Please wait to see what we are going to do for village development at Siem Reap Province in next week.




Soft Drinks and Movie Party,, Hahahhaa Jol Moi (CHeersss)

See you soon.

Rare Trei Sua Sdei. ( Good Night)

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