Another beautiful day in paradise


Today was another perfect day. We woke up nice and early and after some delicious brekky we got stuck into our morning jobs. Walking the elephants is probably the highlight but we also built a monkey house and continued making the pond which is looking fantastic. We really enjoyed our day learning and helping this amazing sanctuary and all the beautiful animals within it. We also got some spare time to hang out with two baby monkeys which is amazing but in reality we really shouldn’t be able to be this close. These are wild animals but because of poachers they have been left without mothers so as much as it is amazing to be so close to these gorgeous little monkeys, it is important for everyone to realise that this is not natural. I am happy to report that we are all having a wonderful time and the only problem is that is going way too quickly. Tomorrow we will be heading to a local school to help teach the children English which is another amazing experience that everyone is looking forward to. Thanks for reading and checking in with us, sorry about the lack of pictures but that’s the life out here in the jungle, the internet isn’t very good. I will keep trying to get some up.

Jol Moi,