Another day in Cambodia.. NO BIG DEAL

Just one more sleep here in the elephant sanctuary 😢 But man oh man have we had a packed couple of days!!

We continued work on the classroom today with some VERY enthusiastic cement mixers. Don’t worry mom and dad if all else fails we have 15 conditioned cement builders! It took a couple laughs from the builders who watched us try and do the first batch but by the end we were laughing at them for underestimating us!

Everyone worked so hard hauling rice for the kids at the school, laying the cement and, of course, laughing at me while I attempted a sing along (no one joined). But it was a fantastic day on site!!

On another note, we are actually getting better at volleyball!! We had some great back and forths today! It took a whole week but we finally got it down!!

The day ended with feeding the elephants for the last time and coming together for a bonfire (the locals call it a fire bong). It was an amazing week here in the sanctuary and we have grown and learned so much together!

We can’t wait to see what kind of adventures are around the corner in Siem Reap!!

That’s all for now folks!