Arrival day at the Elephant Sanctuary

Hello and welcome to the Elelphant Sanctuary blog week 2 of the July village and elephant journey.

Today we all arrived safely at about 10AM all 16 of us. We had an amazing lunch here with some of the most creative vegetarian flavours I have ever seen. The volunteers will be eating souly organic and locally grown vegetarian food while they are here and many are loving it because the cooks are so talented and everything is so new to our pallets.

We firstly began our orientation learning about the harshness of elephant trading in south east asia and where the centre comes in to make a positive impact. This took a hard look at a movie documenting some of the torturous experiences elephants have to go through in order to be submissive and be put to work in tourism or logging. Not to mention, the monkeys, geese and dogs that also get looked after here from trade or road incidents. Feeling pumped with purpose we got to work clearing up elephant poop to fertilise the garden that grows sugar cain, bananas and grass for their food and cleaning the geese pond.

Later on we prepared food for the elephants and were able to meet and feed them. A truly humbling and personal experience. I took many photos however, I am struggling to find the perfect connection for uploading here in the jungle so please, bear with me while I try in the morning to give a few (I took many).

Our accom is amazing and situated in the jungle next to a house looking after baby monkeys whose mother was killed. They are roughly six months old and so surreal/cute.

I will try to produce photos on here tomorrow.

until then, good night.

warm regards,



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