Arun Rai is healing!

Today was an amazing day!

Arun Rai, one of the elephants at the sanctuary, one who had been so traumatised by her brutal past experiences with humans, has been at the sanctuary long enough that she has finally started to heal.

We were able to hand feed her for the first time today. Before that, she was a little bit temperamental because of her previous treatment at the hands of humans but now she trusts everyone here enough to allow us to get close to her again (it’s been almost four years). It is a huge milestone in our efforts to help the Asian Elephants.


Sorry I got a little off track as many of you are probably looking for information about a friend or loved one. But it is pretty exciting!

This morning we worked on the dam so that the Elephants have a place to bathe even in the dry season.


Then later all the volunteers were able to get in the water with the Elephants and help wash her down. It quickly descended into water fight but it was a lot of fun.


Later, after Brandon and Rob had done some work on the volley ball court, many of us got together and played volleyball with the locals.

Now the volunteers are watching a video on the effects that their work will have this week, it is so they have a better understanding on not just the work but the huge positive effect that their work has in both the near and far future.