Back at Siem Reap

We left the sanctuary today just after midday but not before saying a final farewell to the Elephants Arun Ria and Kumlin with an early morning feeding. We did one final tour of some of the highlights of the sanctuary like the Monkey Enclosure and the rescued dogs.

The bags were packed, our accommodation locked and while we waited we played a game of real life Mario Kart. Everybody tied a balloon to each ankle and the aim was to pop everyone else’s balloon without yours getting popped. It was the first time trying this game, at least for me, and it was a lot of fun but eventually Brandon emerged the Champion.

As we journey back to Siem Reap, our weeks achievements came into perspective.

We spent a lot of time around our two Elephants, helping them heal spiritually, mentally and physically.

We worked on a dam that will provide a place of the Elephant’s to bathe, even in the dry season.

We planted and cared for a large number of crops for both the Elephants and Volunteers.

We planted a large number of trees to help restore the forest so it can become home to so many more Elephants and other wildlife.

We blessed dozens of trees so that they won’t be cut down by illegal logging in the future.

We taught at the local school to help improve the education of the locals so that in the near future our help will no longer be needed in all the endeavours that help protect these majestic animals.

The things that have been set in motion this week will reverberate for decades to come. Although it is not immediately apparent, the change for the better that has been wrought in this community in one week will be felt for years to come.

Here are a few favourite photos of mine from the week.DSC_0540





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