Back to School.

Today is always one of my favourite days of the week.

The Volunteers got up and headed to the local school, there they teach the students English (one of the teachers speaks broken English but otherwise this is the children’s only exposure english in a learning environment). Understandably they were all apprehensive heading into these classrooms with no experience but it wasn’t long before they were teaching and laughing along with the children as they went through the valuable fundamentals that are so sorely needed in these areas.


Afterwards they were able to go out and have an amazing time playing a huge number of games with the hundreds of children at the school!



Then after lunch we planted a huge number of fruit trees for the sanctuaries volunteers and elephants. Then we went out into the forest with about fifty trees from the nursery to help restore the forest back to its former state, a place that will eventually become home to dozens of Elephants.


Now tonight I’m sitting in the communal hall, normally where we eat our food but has turned into the place where the Volunteers are teaching English to the local Rangers. It is in moments like these, where I see the westerners and Cambodian people teaching each other words and sharing the universal language of laughter that I realise how amazing these projects are. They bring together people with such big hearts and such a diverse ability to communicate with the want, the need, to change things for the better. The Projects by themselves are great but combined with all these amazing individuals it turns into something almost magical.

Whether you’re following a friend or a loved one, someone who wants to get a better idea of the projects we do on the ground here or looking for your own general interest you should be proud of the volunteers, not just because of the amazing work they do and the difference they’re making but also because of the extraordinary individuals these people are. They’re a true pleasure to be around.