Back to Siem Reap (Plus photos from the whole week!)

It is finally here our final day at the sanctuary.

We spent the morning feeding Arun Rai and Kumlin on final time, saying our farewell to these gentle giants.

Afterwards we visited the monkey enclosure. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed inside as two of the monkey’s had escaped and were still on the loose but we did get a glimpse from the outside as the place where they rehabilitate these monkey’s and gibbon’s so they can live back in the wild. We did get a good glimpse at one of the escapee’s as he sauntered in front of us, flaunting his freedom with a cheeky smile.

All the while this morning, half a dozen of the rescued dogs kept playing around us making the farewell to this beautiful paradise all that much harder!

After the journey back to Siem Reap, half the group enjoyed a free afternoon while the other wanted to go to their School and get a glimpse at the finished community centre that they started last week and give a final helping hand in the final product.

After we spent our last (and a little emotional dinner together) the volunteers wanted to go out and really enjoy their final night together. I left them at the karaoke bar where they were singing and dancing along to a lot of classics or new hits.

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