Back to Siem Reap we go!

Sues’day from Siem Reap!!!

Apologies about the late blog today. Yesterday was a busy day of travel, last minute shopping and MASSAGES!!

We spent the last morning at the elephant sanctuary waking up for 7am breakfast, as usual, then headed into the jungle to see the elephants one last time. We fed Kamlin her fruit breakfast and took about five hundred pictures. (You never have too many ele selfies.) After saying goodbye to the ellies, we all headed in to pack and eat lunch before boarding a bus back to Siem Reap.

When we got back we had to say our first goodbye to Tom 🙁 whose flight left a day earlier than everyone else. We will be visiting you soon in England dear sir!!

After that a few volunteers took a “much needed” trip to KFC and a pizza shop while a few others did some last minute shopping. I won’t mention any names (but Jocelyne maybe) bought 17 pairs of pants. In the evening we headed back to our karaoke stomping grounds for some dinner where (little did John and I know) the volunteers had a perfect little surprise waiting for us. Midway through dinner they surprised us with chocolate, beverages, notes from everyone AND a two hour long spa visit. I have to hand it to them! They surprised us both and it was so wonderful! John spent the evening getting an hour long deep tissue massage and facial while I had an hour long aromatherapy paired with a mani and pedi. My toes never looked so good!

After our spa treatment everyone went out to celebrate the last night in town. It has only been two weeks but so many lifelong friendships have been formed. It was a night full of laughing and dancing that no one will forget.

Today everyone heads out for their long trips home. You’ll be hugging your loved ones soon!!


Bye bye Kamlin!


Super stoked crew headed back to Siem Reap.




One last puppy selfie






Kamlin being camera shy.


YOU GUYS ARE THE BOMB.COM!!!! I love you all!!! — John and Kate (+19)


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